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Circulation Manual





 Revised: January 2016










  1. Applicant must show a photo I.D. If address on the I.D. is not current, applicant must show another piece of identification with the current address, such as an article of mail, personal check, receipt, phone directory entry, etc. In the case of minors, the person signing for the minor must show identification. With proper identification, applicant may receive his/her library card immediately.


  1. Persons living in the following designated areas of Virginia and North Carolina are eligible for cards:


Virginia: Carroll County, Danville City, Floyd County, Franklin County, James City County, Pittsylvania County, Upper York County, and the City of Williamsburg.


North Carolina: Rockingham County, Stokes County, Surry County


  1. Library cards will be issued for a period of two years. Shorter expiration dates may be used for special circumstances at the discretion of the Branch Head.


  1. The charge for a replacement card is $2.00.


  1. Anyone under 18 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian present to sign the application. Parents of minors must have a library card and those cards must be free of overdue books, fines, and lost or damaged book charges.


  1. Parents do not have to have the child in attendance with them to get a card for their child.


  1. Patrons with Pittsylvania County cards may use the same barcode that is compatible with our system. Their information must still be entered in our database.




  1. Borrowing  privileges  will  be  revoked  under  any  of  the following circumstances:


  1. Fines over $5.00 are owed.
  2. An item is more than 50 days overdue.
  3. More than 1 item is overdue.


  1. Use of the library may be denied by the Governing Board or the staff for:


  1. destruction of books or other library property
  2. disturbance of patrons
  3. any other objectionable conduct on library premises

d.  or conduct which interferes with the library’s business.


3.         Misuse of Internet will result in loss of Internet privileges, but not

“borrowing privileges”.  See Internet Acceptable Use guidelines.




  1. Patrons must have their library card with them in order to check out materials.


  1. Videos and DVD’s will circulate three days and may be renewed once.


  1. All other circulating materials will be circulated for two weeks and may be renewed two times.


  1. A maximum of five videos and five DVD’s and five music CD’s

may be checked out on each card.


  1. All materials may be returned to any building within the system.


  1. The library user must have his/her library card in hand to renew materials. Patrons renewing materials by phone must give their library card number. Patrons can renew items remotely from the library webpage with a pin number (see circulation staff for more information).


  1. Materials    may     be    renewed   providing   the   borrower    is    not delinquent and there are no reserves on the item.


  1. Responsible parties must clear up all cards with fines of $5 or more before being allowed to check out materials on their own card or another family member’s card.




  1. Fines are due as follows:


  1. Videos - $1.00 per day up to a maximum of $5.00 or the cost of the video if not returned.
  2. All other materials $.10 per day, maximum of $5.00


  1. An overdue notice will be sent when the item is 14 days past due. If the material is not returned, and is 50 days overdue, a bill for the cost of the material plus processing fees will be sent. (Failure to receive a notice does not excuse payment of late charges.)


  1. Through the debt set-off process, the Library will seek payment for fines and unreturned materials that have a value of $20.00 or more. No attempt will be made to collect debts more than five years old.


  1. If a patron claims an outstanding debt is no longer valid due to a bankruptcy judgment, the staff person will need to make a copy of the bankruptcy document and forward it to the library director, who in turn will forward it to the library attorney. Until the attorney makes a decision, the patron may not check out materials.




  1. A library user who has paid for a lost item and who subsequently finds and returns it in usable condition is entitled to a refund of the cost of the item, provided:


  1. No more than three months have elapsed since the item was lost
  2. The borrower has the written receipt


  1. The  refund  will  consist  of  the  amount  paid  minus  the  five-dollar processing fee.


  1. No on-site refunds will be paid.




  1. Acts of God:


In cases where inclement weather (snow, ice) prevents the borrower’s returning the items on time, the part of the fine that occurred during the affected time may be waived.


  1. Personal difficulties


If personal difficulties prevented the borrower from getting to the library (hospitalization), the staff member may waive the portion of the fine for the relevant period.


  1. Senior Citizens


Senior citizens are given fine-free status when they reach 60 years of age. If the borrower was not given this status earlier but is now eligible, change the patron type to “C” and waive the current fine owed.


  1. When in doubt, ask your supervisor.





  1. Only registered borrowers may place holds.


  1. No more than five items may be on hold for an individual at one time. Simultaneous holds may not be placed on items that have more than one format, for example a hold cannot be placed on both a regular and large-print book nor on both the dvd and video version of a film.


  1. Holds may be placed on all circulating materials.


4.         The user will be called when the item becomes available. The material must be picked up within two days of the date the notice originates. If the staff person leaves a phone message, the material title or type should not be specified. The staff person should say “The item(s) you have placed on hold are now available and may be picked up at [name of branch].”


5.         Materials will not be renewed if they are on hold for another patron.




1. If a library user insists that an item has been returned and the library’s records clearly show the item has not been returned, the staff member should first check the shelf to see whether the item has been re-shelved without clearing the records.


2.         If the item is found on the shelf, the staff member should clear the

borrower’s record, including all fines connected with that item.


  1. If the item is not found on the shelf, the staff member will check the item in under “Claims Returned”. The borrower will be allowed to continue to use the library unless more than four items have reached this status.


  1. If more than four items are “Claims Returned”, library privileges will

be suspended until the record is cleared.




  1. Replacement cost of an item consists of a $5.00 processing fee plus the cost of the item.


  1. Damage fees:






Kit bag



DVD insert with barcode*



DVD case with useable cover art*



CD case with no cover art or






* Insert: the single sheet inside a DVD that has the barcode on it

* Cover Art: the outside artwork of a DVD or CD pamphlet



3.  Exceptions:









when the cover art is missing or damaged beyond use, the patron is charged for the entire item


when an AV item is returned without a case, the patron is charged for the entire item


missing audio CDs or Tapes: call Patty (as some items cannot be replaced piecemeal)



  1. Patrons may not replace items on their own.


  1. When accepting payment for a lost item, a staff member should:


  1. Collect the payment, including the processing fee, and issue a written receipt that includes the item’s barcode number and title.
  2. Register the item in the computer as LOST.
  3. Clear the charges from the patron’s record.
  4. Place  the  payment  in  an  envelope  with  the following information on its front:

Name of borrower Library card number

Author,  title,  barcode  #  of book Price of Book

Did you give receipt? Date money was paid Name of Branch




The Blue Ridge Regional library offers interlibrary loan service to provide access to materials not owned by the main library or its branches. *


The following policies apply to all interlibrary loan requests:


  1. Audio/visual materials (including movies, music and audio materials) will neither be loaned nor borrowed. No more than three interlibrary loan books may be requested by a patron at any given time.
  2. Unless restricted to in-library use, interlibrary loan books are checked out to patrons for two weeks.
  3. Renewals will be made when permitted by the lending library.
  4. Overdue materials will be subject to fines.
  5. Patrons must have a Blue Ridge Regional Library card with no more than $5.00 in fines.
  6. Replacement cost for lost or damaged interlibrary loan materials will be decided by the lending library.
  7. There is a fee of $4.00 for each book received, plus any

applicable  fees  (e.g.  insurance)  from  the lending library.

  1. Microfilm may be borrowed but BRRL microfilm will not be loaned.
  2. Patrons requesting microfilm will be instructed to contact the Historical Center. All microfilm received must be viewed at the Historical Center (in-library use only).
  3. Postage/handling fees, paid by the patron, will be $4.00 for one or two reels, and $1.00 for each additional reel, with a limit of five reels at one time per patron.

k.         Patrons will be responsible for paying other fees (e.g. insurance) if the lending agency requires them.

  1. Patrons must pay fees before viewing the microfilm.
  2. The     microfilm       loan     period      schedule      is determined by the lending agency.


* Please be aware that a minimum of two weeks is required for in-

state ILL requests; out-of-state requests may take longer.




1.         Five videos and five DVDs per card may be checked out for a three-day period. Late charges on videos/DVDs are $1.00 per day per video/DVD.


  1. The video area is not accessible 15 minutes prior to closing.


  1. Patrons are requested to have videos/DVDs at the circulation desk five minutes prior to closing.


  1. Videos and DVDs are separated into two categories: Adult and Children. All items are arranged by box number which can be found by searching the patron access terminal (PAC), the library’s online catalog.

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